Microsoft Windows 10 Gadgets

Windows 10 Gadgets

Microsoft introduced its gadgets feature back in windows vista as windows sidebar, later in windows 7 it was named windows gadgets. Now it is available in Windows 10 named as Windows 10 Gadgets

Windows 10 Gadgets

Windows gadgets made its way to Windows 8 beta but were discontinued the stable release of windows 8 because Microsoft had security concerns.

If you want to use desktop gadgets in Windows 10, or Windows 10 gadgets, you can try them by
using third party methods

List of Windows 10 Gadgets

Method 1: Widgets HD

Widgets HD

If you want to get windows 10 gadgets you can try installing the Widgets HD app available on
the windows store, the free version includes decent widgets that will help you in day today

If you want additional gadgets you can buy the in-app purchases

Method 2: Windows Desktop Gadgets

Windows Desktop Gadgets

Another solution for your windows 10 gadget needs is a software called Windows Desktop
Gadgets. It is very lightweight and straightforward and will take up fewer system resources
compared to other solutions.

After installation, the gadgets will be included in the control panel than appearance and personalization

Method 3: 8GadgetPack

8 Gadgets Pack

Free software called 8GadgetPack contains no in-app purchases and is very lite weight with
customisable widgets.

If you are one of those people out there who like their thing customised then this one for you.

Method 4: Rainmeter


Rainmeter is also a very useful window 10 gadget software we will recommend this software.

If you do not want the old style of windows gadgets as this software has all the gadgets that
windows came with but with a more fashionable style.

Method 5: Gadgetarian


This software is for you if you miss the look and feel of the Windows Vista/ Windows 7 default
Gadgets because they are very similar to the gadgets that Gadgetarian is offering.


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windows 10 gadget software for their needs.

You too can use any of these methods to restore those precious gadgets to your desktop that you miss so much.

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