5 (BEST) Smart Watches for Kids 2018 – Honest Review

Best Smart Watches for Kids

Best Smart Watches for Kids 2018: There we have awesome collection 0f smartwatches only for kids.

There is nothing a lot necessary for Parents, then keeping their kids happy.

Parents pay lots of your time partaking their kids in varied activities in a very to impress them.

Best Smart Watches for Kids

As some way of expressing appreciation parents additionally get the prospect to find out a lot of concerning their kids’ interests & abilities through some gifts.

Smart Watches for Kids

Smartwatches are a good gift for teenagers. They need integrated options that match the kids’ expectations.

These functions vary from the camera, calculator, motion sensors and video recorders. Materials and battery are strong and a lot of strength to confirm that your kid enjoys life to the fullest.

Here we explore the top 5 Smart Watches for Kids 2018.

Top 5 Smart Watches for Kids List:

Orbo Smartwatch (Price-$41)

Orbo Smart Watch

Time waits for no man, or woman & this measuring system can assist you to coach your kid on the intricacies of telling time.

It’ll additionally add a dimension of fun & excitement to the sporting of a watch.

You may be giving your kid one thing they’ll fancy to be fun, cool & you may think about it to be instructional.

Smart Watches for kids

16 fun and learning activities
Voice recorder
Calculator included
Includes tiltable camera
Clear Touch Screen
Learn kids navigate a menu
1 GB internal memory
Comes with micro USB cable
Bluetooth connection

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch-White (Price-$65)

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch-White

The Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch is that the smartest look ahead to children.

Excellent for young photographers, this strong smartwatch makes it simple to require photos & record videos on the go.

They’ll conjointly use the big screen to explore their creative thinking with fun pic effects, frames and filters.

Smart Watches for kids

Digital and analogue watch display
Video camera
Voice recorder
4 learning games
Timer, alarm clock and 50+ clock face designs

Caref GPS Tracking Watch (Price-$99)

Caref GPS Tracking Watch

Caref is brief for “Care for Family”. It’s meticulously thought of and exactness crafted. It’s not simply a product of what’s GPS hunter.


What’s the luxury for kids’ security?

With an attractive all-new style and powerful all-new options, Caref is that the most respected GPS hunter. It is in TWO colors. One is BLUE and the other is PINK One.

Smart Watches for kids

Locate your kid from a portable or pill
Send and receive phone calls to & from the watch
Receive SOS button alerts & phone calls
Send the text message to the watch

Doki Watch 3G Phone Watch (Price-$100)

Doki Watch 3G Phone Watch

Since the Doki Watch claims to be the first-ever smartwatch for teenagers to feature video calling; we all know that to not be the case, with many children smartwatches having this feature.

But there’s no denying that this smartwatch offers it all. It’s solely offered for pre-order for currently, but the Kick starter campaign driving it to promote was a powerful success.

Smart Watches for kids

512 MB of RAM
1.22-inch touchscreen
4 GB of storage
1.3 GHz dual-Cortex-A 7 processor
Android 4.4
600 mAh battery

FILIP 2 (Price-$149)


This is introduced by FILP. As a father of three children, safety and security are usually on my mind. For a few parents, getting a phone for his or her kid could be a good selection.

In order that they will reach their children whenever they’d like. My kids square measure too young to manage and own a phone and additionally the side expense isn’t even.

Smart Watches for kids

5 to 7 days on a charge
Up to 5 Pre-programmed Contacts
Durable and Adjustable Design
One-Way Text Messaging
Android 4.3 or higher and IOS 6 or higher


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