7 (Best) Foldable Drone with Camera | 2019 Honest Reviews

7 (Best) Foldable Drone with Camera 2018 Honest Reviews

As DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Mavic Air is announced (DJI’s First Foldable Drone), The Drone market has become a Brand-New Corner.

Now foldable drones are at its peak, as Mavic Pro who was the game changer. Mavic Pro set the real standards and qualities for a foldable drone with the camera.

Foldable Drone

The fact is there are thousands of Drones are available in the space but only some can be the worth of your money.

So, let us take you to the BEST FOLDABLE DRONE that you can buy without any tension right now. There will be in cheap Chinese Product on this list. So, Let’s get right into it.

Baby Elfie

Baby Elife Foldable Drone

JJRC is well-known company brand for drones. This company make pocket-sized drones. They build a good share in Drone Market but It seems that they also want more.

They upgraded them self with JJRC H37 whose nickname is Baby Elfie. Let’s get more details about this below.


This is very easy to use as a portable drone. It really worth your bucks as far as performance is concerned. here are some major changes or upgradations are done in the original model. These changes make Baby Elfie a real beast.

The size and the flying stability of the drone is a bit improved but the major upgrade is in its camera.

JJRC H37 Baby Elfie can make a 100 meters flight and can fly approximately 6 to 7 minutes. FPV range performs up to 30 meters.


Baby Elfie have an HD camera and can make your selfies and can make videos in 720P.

The BEST Part

You can adjust and tilt the camera to get the best angle helps you to take the best selfie.

While talking about the camera result, it is pretty much solid, not too low or not too bad.

For Selfie, the camera performance is more than Good. Plus, thanks to Wi-Fi FPV. Because of this, you will be able to set up the scene just the way you want.


WINGSLAND S6 Foldable Frone

Wingsland S6 is almost a new brand in the market. But they make 2 models of drone that performs well. Minivet and S6 have generated so many positive reviews and good feedbacks. They are very suitable in term of portable and Selfie Drones.

As we are taking about Foldable Selfie Drones let’s see does it worth your money or not.


At an affordable price, it comes with a 4K camera. It also has a 3-axis stabilization system, which improves the quality of Selfies and Videos during flying.

As compared to the baby Elfie, this mainly can be used for selfies. This will allow you to talk about impressive selfies for your favourite social media like Instagram.

It has very interesting camera features which are listed below

1- Beautification of your selfie
2- Video Cutting
3- Adding Music
4- Add Emojis

The idea is on spot as well, signifying made out of high-quality stuff but keeping the simple looks related to those of Zerotech Dobby.


Wingsland S6 comes with GPS. This GPS technology makes it capable of independent flying.

More specifically, I am pointing to Return to home, limit, come behind me and Height Hold.

There are so many more features like Home Lock and Course-Lock. This makes it a bit more functional to this small tiny gadget.


The controlling range is about 120 meters and battery timing is about 10 minutes (of flight).

This is not bad for a selfie drone and we are sure if you buy this you will see notice it also.

Considering all these things, Wingsland S6 seems to be a great drone.



Dobby by Zerotech is a very popular tiny foldable drone that provides you with the same features as Yuneec’s Breeze (In them for the perfect flying selfie).


……. Dobby takes it to another level with the dual satellite positioning systems. This allows it to fly in the blue sky very easily.

It doesn’t come with the controller. that means you can control all of his features and functions with your own smartphone by installing the application by ZeroTech.


While Considering the fact we all love selfies, the camera is the best in this deal.

It has a high definition 13Mpx camera with the awesome feature of “Facial Recognition”, “Target Tracking” and “Auto Follow Drone Mode”.

ZeroTech Boddy allow you to save your photos and videos in just one click, not like in the past, making those boring PC connections.

If you ask about the pixel size then ZeroTech Dobby can take your images in 4k. When it comes to video recording, it can record videos in full HD (1080P). Zerotech Dobby is able to deliver you a pretty good video quality.


The specifications are not that amazing, but enough that will make buyers head over it.

100-meter flight time. This is enough to take great selfies.


XIRO XPLORER MINI Drone is best for travelling purpose. He is the smaller brother of normal Xplorer version. This foldable drone has a very attractive design and comes with a bunch of accessories.

It sports a smooth looking matte black surface with a pair of well-placed yellow beats which, together, make up for an amazingly nice-looking image.


On the front side, it has a very good-looking decent camera. It is of 13Mpx.

You can make Full HD videos in 30fps. Xplorer Mini has FPV capability as well. This will allow you to use your smart device as an FPV monitor in 720p.


It has a lot of features which are listed below

1- One-click Social Media Sharing
2- 190-degree Camera Lens
3- One-click takeoff
4- One-click land
6- Smart Flight Mode like
a, Auto Return Home
b, FailSafe Connection
c, Low Battery Protection


It has a range of 100 meters but the area should be clear.

Realistically, you will be getting around 80 most of the time.

Moreover, with approximately 15 minutes of flight time. It has a 1650mAh
LiPo battery.

It also has some bonus accessories such as an extra battery and a good hand case. It is not a surprising thing that Xiro Xplorer Mini is getting so much popular nowadays


HOVER CAMERA Foldable Drone

The wooden medal goes to Hover Camera Passport. This drone has the best design I have ever seen. This foldable drone especially targeted at…

….Do you have any guess

Selfie Lovers.


That’s right

Hover Camera is an extraordinary invention that makes the user fall in love with it. It has a highly crash proof body and a great camera for a selfie and the other stuff like that.

So, if you are a selfie lover this drone can be the best choice for you. Let’s take a closer look into it.


This foldable drone has both Facial Recognition and Gesture modes. More than that, it also supports GPD and Altitude Hold. Not only that It also orbit and can Follow you.

If you are concerned about the features, the Hover Drone is the real competitor in this space.


1- Extremely lightweight (242 grams)
2- Safe
3- Fully Enclosed Propellers
4- 10 Minutes Flight Time
5- 30-meter range (for very good for selfie)


It has a 13Mpx camera that performs well. I do an amazing job as far as selfies and selfie videos are concerned. Especially when you combine it with the feature of “follow me” and “Orbit”.

It can record videos in 4k at 30fps and provide you in MP4 format. Images are saved in JPEG

The BEST Part

Hover Camera Passport supports up to 32G storage capacity.


GOPRO KARMA Foldable Drone

GoPro KarmawebGoPro could not be the oldest company in the drone world, but their Karma model makes one hell of an entry statement.

It has the best build quality. This is proved by a hardware experiment. This is packed into a small package. Mind it, don’t expect it to be smaller than the DJI Mavic Pro (The best portable and foldable drone).


Despite that, GoPro Karma is yet an outstanding option for people looking for a travel-friendly choice that can take breathtaking flying video.

Karma comes with a Hero5 Black Edition Action Camera. We know how powerful this camera is.

The connection is made with a dedicated 3-axis gimbal. This will supports the all new GoPro Hero 6.

Theirs no doubt that GoPro Karma is one the best flying video and photography foldable drone. This is a great alternative to Zenmuse powered DJI flagships.


DJI Mavic PRO Foldable Drone

Now Let us talk about the real tank which is definitely the best foldable drone. The Great DJI Majic PRO.

It is the best most popular i.e extremely popular 4k foldable drones in the market. As it launches Thousands of people buy this worldwide.

The most interesting part is this, when you fold this one it will no bigger than a water bottle. It is very easy to carry out.

In the market all other best portable drones (except perhaps GoPro Karma and AirDog ADII), DJI Mavic PRO has all the characteristics that you can expect from any full-featured drone.

This is the main reason why this drone is so popular.


Theirs no doubt, Mavic PRO is the best travelling drone and also have some cool features of ActiveTrack and TapFly.

It is also equipped with

1- Dual Positioning Systems
2- GPS
4- Stability on its peak
5- Follow Mode
6- Point of Interest
7- Waypoints
8- Course Lock
9- Terrain Follow
10- Gesture Mode


DJI is the only company who takes the best take care of their drones in term of the specification. That’s exactly DJI did with the Mavic Pro.

Its flight time is around 25 minutes. It has a flying speed of 40mph. This speed makes it the fastest Drone is the list of all the drones.

Combine all of that with a crystal clear 4K camera and roughly 7km range and you will understand why it has such a huge price tag to its name.


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After talking about all the best Foldable Drone I would like to thank you for sticking around till the end. It was a great experience to tell you about the TOP 7 Foldable Drone (with camera).

You can also find drones for your Kids.


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