Elon Musk Replaced Robots With Human Workers At Tesla Factory

Elon Musk Replaced Robots

Elon Musk replaced robots:

It seems that the year 2018 presents challenges for Tesla. In addition to dealing with a fatal accident involving his car, the company has left investors anxious. They are dissatisfied with the failure to meet the production targets of Model 3, the first mass-produced car produced by the company. that’s why Elon Musk replaced robots by humans.


Elon Musk Replaced Robots


According to Elon Musk, the biggest problem was precisely Tesla’s differential: automation. To improve the situation, the entrepreneur has taken control of the production and Elon Musk replaced robots by human beings. The company realized that relying too much on automation hindered the work.

Elon Musk Confesses “Humans Are Underrated”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in an interview with CBS This Morning last Wednesday, admitted that Tesla was too dependent on automation to boost Model 3 production. An example is the network of belts for transporting parts. According to Musk, it did not work the best way and was thrown away. With the help of human workers, the company plans to increase its weekly production of Model 3, which today is just over 2,000 units.

Musk also tweeted last Friday to reiterate that Tesla has used too many robots to produce the Model 3 electric vehicle in Tesla’s only car factory. “The excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake, to be precise, my mistake, humans are underrated,” he said.

At a meeting of investors, Tesla has kept its promise to manufacture 5000 Model 3 cars per week by the end of the second quarter. The car is touted as the future of the business because it can increase revenue exponentially because of its more reasonable price. According to Musk, too much of the automation has led to a “production hell” that has lasted for months, which has led to a failure in achieving its production goals.

“We’ve let go of some of the things we thought were our core technology, we’re putting too much new technology into Model 3 at the same time – that should have been staged,”

said Musk.

Musk’s Point of View about Business In Tesla

This eventually prompted Musk to substitute robots for humans to meet the required electric vehicle production. Musk told CBS News,

“We had this crazy and complex network of treadmills, and it did not work, so we got rid of it.”

The businessman said he slept several nights at the Tesla factory.

“When things get really intense, I do not have time to go home take a shower and change so I sleep here,”

he said pointing to a sofa in a meeting room.

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