Apple Watch Series 2, Latest Review

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Apple Watch Series 2, Key features:

Apple has recently announced the successor of smartwatch 1 (series 1) and that’s Apple watch series 2. The Apple has came up with lots of new features in this package. This watch could give a tough competition to the other high ending sports watches.

Apple smartwatch 2 image

Apple Watch Series 2

Lets have look at the features and different editions of Apple watch series 2 that Apple has announced.


  1. Apple watch series 2 is almost 1 mm thicker then its previous one.
  2. The watch is available in stainless steel, aluminum and ceramic body.
  3. Its water resistant for up-to 50 m.

Overall look of this watch is exactly the same as that of previous one. It really feels premium around the wrist. The display quality of watch, curved edges, the spinning digital crown on the watch all gives a premium feel.

Its weighs normal neither too heavy nor too light.

At the back side of the watch there is are 4 LED’s that senses pulse of your hand to determine how fast your heart is pumping. It monitors heart rate quite accurately.The LED’s on the back side feels a bit bulging, but once you wear it, It doesn’t feel like that.

Apple Series 2 Editions

The basic design is same but Apple comes up with 4 variants of Apple watch series 2. Depending upon their prices.

Apple watch series 2 editions

  1. Watch series 2 (simple)
  2. Apple watch series 2 Nike edition (Nike+ Run Club app)
  3. Apple watch series 2 HERMES edition
  4. Watch series 2 edition

All these variants has same specs, the only difference is in there compatible removable accessories, like strap, dock, Nike sport band…etc


  1. Brightness of OLED is very good in direct sunlight.
  2. Display is really sharp and crisp.

Apple hasn’t altered much in the screen dimensions. Its the same 1.65-in display with resolution of 390 x 312.

Theoretically its brightness is up-to 1000 nits. But practically I’ve personally noticed it more brighter than the  previous one.

Due to the OLED its the edge to the battery that the black background of the screen is turned off, when not in use.This saves the battery a lot.

Water resistant

As we know this model is water resistant. Apple has put a very unique feature named “Wet Mode“. Which locks away the display & disables the touch when turned ON.

Apple watch series 2 Wet Mode

How this feature is unique?

Let me explain it a bit…! As water is a good conductor of electricity.The touch screen can sense water and can responds to some randoms actions (like they were performed by physical touch). So with the integration of this wet mode the screen is safe. This mode activates automatically when swim track mode is selected.

In order to unlock this you need to spin the side crown and when its clear out of water it will send pulse to shove out the water, if any left.

The screen of Apple watch series 2 is the eye catching element. Although its not of as high resolution as others in the market, but its sharp and bright enough to be seen in any scenario.


  1. The new watch OS is very useful
  2. Dual core processor feels snappier
  3. Breathe app

The biggest upgrade on the Apple watch series 2 is the dual core S-2 processor.

The response is not that instant as was expected. While swiping between the apps its great, But while opening the dock with apps its not as speedy as it should be.

Overall the improved processor, graphical power and efficiency improvements from the this new OS means, the watch is stable.

The screen stays off on your wrist. As you raise it to see the time it lights up the display. That’s good as it saves battery.

Most of the app settings are controlled by your phone that is synced with it.The watch itself offers very less facility of setting changing.

Then there is Breathe app that after some time reminds you to lean back and catch your breathe peacefully. This reminder gives you some time out of stress and that great.


  1. It can track almost 7 hr of running
  2. Music playback & Heart rate monitors limits the battery life
  3. This watch lasts for almost 2 days

As compared to the previous one the battery is very impressive than expected. Running the GPS is not a problem now due to large power back up.

Apple hasn’t stated about the battery size or performance but good news is you can get 2 days out of it.

For those cases where GPS is not used, the battery timing is improved.

Well Its not best on the market as there are watches from Pebble and Garmin. That has much better battery then it offers in a single charge. But those devices  lack functionality and beauty, that apple watch series 2 brings.

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